Văn hóa uống cà phê tại văn phòng thúc đẩy công việc

cà phê với nhân viên để bàn ý tưởng sáng tạo có thể khiến sếp chú ý tới những người chủ động -> thăng chức, tăng lương...

để không bị thiên lệch, hãy để nhân viên họp với nhau và báo cáo lại ý tưởng chung của cả nhóm (ko cần biết là từ ai)
Dear Dan,

I lead a team (nhóm) of designers (nhà thiết kế), and I want to foster an environment (tạo môi trường) where everyone feels comfortable (thoải mái) speaking up when they have concerns  (quan tâm, e ngại) or new product ideas. I thought about holding a weekly “coffee chat,” where I invite employees to share input on a topic of the week. Do you think that’s a good idea?
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The key word is here is “everyone”: Getting your whole team to participate will be difficult. And most managers will tend to overvalue (đánh giá quá cao) such participation, rewarding and promoting the employees who exhibit it over the ones who don’t.

This finding comes from a study of employees and their managers at a large technology company. Managers were asked to rate the degree to which each employee spoke up to suggest (đề xuất) new ideas (ý tưởng mới) or offer solutions (giải pháp). The researchers found that employees who were seen as proactive (chủ động) in this regard tended to be rewarded with promotions and salary increases. An employee’s level of day-to-day productivity, on the other hand, was not rewarded to the same degree.

We don’t really want to reward people more for one kind of contribution than for another that is at least as valuable. But managers tend to notice the proactive employees and thus to favor them. So if you want a free flow of ideas but don’t want to fall prey to this bias, you should ask the people working with you to have such meetings over coffee, but you yourself should be absent, and you should ask your employees to share with you the ideas from the group as a whole without noting who contributed which ideas.

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