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china bỏ tù tỷ phú chăn lợn Sun Dawu...
...China was, and remains, an authoritarian country under Communist Party rule. But the nature of its authoritarianism has become much harsher (ác nghiệt/khắc nghiệt hơn) under Xi Jinping, the party’s top leader (lãnh đạo cao nhất) since late 2012. Mr. Sun’s case exemplifies  (làm thí dụ cho, minh họa bằng ví dụ) the country’s drastic (mạnh mẽ, quyết liệt) turn from a nation striving for economic and social, if not political, liberalization to one increasingly operating in an ideological (ý thức hệ) straitjacket (áo bó (áo mặc cho người điên có hai ống tay thật dài để có thể buộc tay lại); sự trói buộc; sự ràng buộc).

The lessons of Mr. Sun are helpful to keep in mind as the Chinese government circles the business empire (đế chế kinh doanh) of another prominent (xuất chúng, lỗi lạc) entrepreneur, Jack Ma. The de facto leader of Alibaba and Ant Group has himself not been charged with wrongdoing, and it is not clear how severely Chinese regulators may rein in his businesses. But whatever the merits of the government’s case against Alibaba, few will dare to speak up on its behalf.

Mr. Xi has steadily undermined China’s civil society — the businesspeople, lawyers, civic groups and many others who make up the fabric (giàn khung, kết cấu) of a nation’s daily life. People in many countries take civil society for granted. In China, where the Communist Party had sought to fill all roles, civil society was budding in 2003.

Since Mr. Xi came to command, it has been virtually wiped out. Journalists with an independent bent have been silenced. Lawyers are jailed. Officials, even retired ones, know to keep their mouth shut. Businesspeople tread carefully to avoid crossing the government.

...Under Mr. Xi, the party’s traditionally suspicious (tỏ ra nghi ngờ, đáng ngờ) stance against businesspeople who are politically active or outspoken has worsened. Wang Gongquan, a former venture capitalist who financed advocacy for more liberal social and political policies, was among the first high-profile individuals jailed after Mr. Xi came to power. Ren Zhiqiang, a retired real estate tycoon (ông trùm bất động sản), was sentenced last year to 18 years in prison after he repeatedly criticized (chỉ trích) Mr. Xi’s policies (chính sách), including the government’s mishandling (quản lý tồi, giải quyết hỏng) of the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

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