Lợn vào khách sạn

tòa nhà 26 tầng với 800.000 m2 diện tích sàn sẽ là trại lợn cao nhất thế giới ở china...
A new multi-story facility (cơ sở) in the central Hubei province is being touted (chào hàng) as the “world’s tallest hog breeding site” that will house tens of thousands of pigs, as companies seek to modernize (hiện đại hóa) the husbandry (nghề làm ruộng, nghề nông) sector and satisfy the country’s growing appetite for pork (thịt lợn).

The 26-story breeding facility came under the spotlight after its owner, Hubei Zhongxinkaiwei Modern Farming Co. Ltd., announced it would kick off production at the end of August, according to media reports. Located in the city of Ezhou, the mega farm will have two 400,000-square-meter buildings, all of which will be equipped with automated feeding machines and smart air filtration (lọc khí) and disinfecting systems (hệ thống khử trùng).

...The concept (ý tưởng) of raising pigs in large buildings accelerated sharply after swine fever (cúm heo) ravaged half of the country’s pig herds in 2018. The disease led to record-high pork prices, and wiped out countless small, traditional farms.

To evade transmission risks, the top agriculture regulators in 2021 classified the country into five geographical zones and suggested no cross-zone transportation of livestock, while regional authorities have encouraged an increase in local capacities to keep up with demand.

...such buildings may reduce (giảm) land-related costs (chi phí liên quan đến đất), the production costs (chi phí sản xuất) would be higher. He also warned that internal biosecurity  (an ninh sinh học) issues are more difficult to handle and may bring huge losses in the event of an outbreak (đợt bùng phát).

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