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Last week, you might have seen a viral clip being passed around, showing a shark (cá mập) on some Papuan island walking on land. This was no weird anomaly (bất bình thường, dị thường) or recent phenomenon (hiện tượng). Some types of sharks regularly do walk on land, particularly on that terrifying land known as Australia.

They’re called epaulette (đồ trang trí trên cầu vai của bộ đồng phục sĩ quan lục quân hoặc hải quân; cầu vai; ngù vai) sharks and include such species as Hemiscyllium ocellatum and Hemiscyllium halmahera. They don’t go walking into town and then go for a jog, but they do find themselves on coral after the tide goes out and then use their fins as legs to move somewhere they like better.

The most obviously weird part here is, holy walking shark, that’s a fish with legs. In a way, however, we’re all just fish with legs, aren’t we? So, the really impressive (ấn tượng) part is that this shark walks on land for such a long stretch of time without having previously evolved any method of breathing air. It got its last bit of oxygen from the ocean water before it went out, and it’s able to make that last a whole hour until it returns to the water.

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