Thì vẫn "thở ra" đều mà

các nhà khoa học nhật bản nói rằng: lợn có thể hít thở qua lỗ đít và... bạn cũng thế :)

But the similarities don’t just stop there. Buttholes (lỗ đít) can also help animals breathe (thở), new research suggests.

A team of scholars in Japan has found that pigs can absorb oxygen through the anus, in studies exploring treatment for people with respiratory (đường hô hấp) conditions.

By pumping oxygen and oxygenated liquid through animals’ buttholes into their intestines (ruột non), the researchers found that they could survive (sống sót) without breathing through their lungs (phổi).

“It's so impressive (ấn tượng) because we never thought of breathing from the gut, but it’s possible,” Takanori Takebe, an author of the study and a doctor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, told VICE World News.

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