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chủ quán ở Waterfront Inn tạo phòng nhảy khỏa thân nhỏ nhất thế giới để ngăn... chim mòng biển
Many of us know how much of a problem seagulls (mòng biển) are.

The psychotic flying scumbags show no mercy in their pursuit of a chip - prompting one pub landlord to take action.

Rob Braddick, 50, a business owner from Westward Ho!, Devon, installed a series of beach huts in his pub garden at the Waterfront Inn.

Designed to keep punters (người đánh bạc) eating meals safe from the winged menaces (mối đe dọa, người gây phiền hà), Rob decided to jazz up one of the tiny spaces by turning it into the world's smallest lapdancing club.

The tiny hut - nicknamed Spearmint Seagull - features a pole, zebra soft furnishings, a disco light, purple LED lights and a Bluetooth speaker.

It also includes a beaded curtain to offer some privacy to any pubgoers brave enough to strip off in the seagull-themed club.

Signs inside the eight-foot space say 'gulls, gulls, gulls' and 'gulls just wanna have fun,' while metal gulls have been installed on top.

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