Tuyệt chiêu chơi cờ vua thắng nhanh từ khai cuộc

dùng sex toy (đồ chơi tình dục) nhé... :D

Nineteen-year-old Hans Niemann pulled off a major upset by defeating Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, 31, at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis on Sept. 4, and the win has prompted some bizarre theories in the chess world.

A rumor circulating on social media — and unsupported by concrete evidence (bằng chứng cụ thể) — suggests that Niemann was tapping into a computer program through a “prostate massager” or “wireless anal beads” that could secretly communicate winning moves to him.

Back in July, a techie named James Stanley explained how such technology might work embedded into shoe inserts that a player could wear undetected (không bị phát hiện).

Niemann insisted that his win was legitimate (chính danh, chính đáng, hợp pháp) and suggested he was willing to debunk (bóc trần, vạch trần, lật tẩy) the anal beads theory.

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