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cứ kiên trì việc mình làm,

Photo courtesy Dean Morley.

When we sing in the shower (hát trong phòng tắm), we hardly expect applause (vỗ tay hoan hô). In fact, that would be awfully weird.

But online, when just about anyone might be clicking, watching or sharing, it’s disappointing to put your work into the world and hear nothing.

Nothing but a black hole (lỗ đen) that absorbs your best work and reflects nothing back.

And if that happens again and again, it can become overwhelming.

It’s tempting to dumb down your work, or go for a shortcut or a quick hit.

Worst of all, to simply give up (từ bỏ).

Please don’t.

The body of work you’re creating adds up over time. The consistency (nhất quán) and empathy (sự thấu cảm) of your vision will seep through. Drip by drip, you’ll create something worth noticing.

The key word is empathy. While of course, you’re welcome to make work for just yourself, the path forward lies in figuring who it’s for and the change you seek to make. To go where others are instead of requiring them to put in the effort to figure out what you’re up to.

Sooner or later, the crickets (con dế) will ask for more.

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