Sao chưa khai báo?

cảnh sát Nigeria chặn 7.000 dương vật lừa (buôn lậu sang Hong Kong) ở cửa khẩu sân bay quốc tế Murtala Muhammed...

The donkey (lừa) penises were being smuggled (buôn lậu) to Hong Kong in 16 sacks (bao tải) but customs officers (cán bộ hải quan/cửa khẩu) at Murtala Muhammed airport (sân bay) in the Nigerian city of Lagos intercepted the packages.

Sambo Dangaladima, the customs controller at the airport, told the BBC that the animal parts were found in sacks in the animal export section.

The illicit trade of donkey parts - including the animal's penises and skin - from Nigeria to China is common

He said that a pungent (hăng, cay) smell (mùi) was coming from the bags.

Dangaladima said that a suspect linked to the shipment, which is worth an estimated 200 million Naira (£416,000), managed to escape.

The animal parts are used in China to make a traditional medicine (bài thuốc truyền thống) called ejiao.

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