Rải tro cốt người đã mất và những điều Phật tử nên biết

là công ty dịch vụ tang lễ ở Anh cho người thân chọn... rải tro người thân bằng thiết bị bay không người lái ở sông, cơ sở thể thao, địa điểm đẹp...

In what is said to be a UK first, Co-op Funeralcare will offer grieving relatives (người thân đang đau buồn) the option of having their loved-one's ashes scattered (rải rác) from the sky.

Four-propeller machines will lift the ashes in a large black box, fly it to a certain point and then dispense (phân phát, phân phối) the ashes.

The funeral firm says the unique service (dịch vụ độc đáo) will allow families to reach less accessible places such as rivers, sports facilities or beauty spots.

Christopher Mace, a retired RAF helicopter pilot, has partnered with Co-Op Funeralcare to provide the ash scattering service.

The 56-year-old was inspired to found his company - Aerial Ashes - after scattering the remains of ex-service personnel at sea during his time in the forces.

Speaking of the launch, Gill Stewart, MD of Co-op Funeralcare said: 'Cremation has continued to grow at pace as a choice for funerals.

'We're always looking at new and innovative ways to help families honour their loved one's not just through the funeral service, but also through uniquely personal commemorative options for their ashes.

'Our colleagues are dedicated to supporting the bereaved families (gia quyến của người quá cố, tang quyến) we serve long after the funeral and the sky really is the limit now in terms of the choices that are available.

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