Musk chiếm sóng: tự do ngôn luận quá đà

tự do ngôn luận ko có nghĩa người giàu "nói to" gấp 1.000 lần người nghèo...
When he took over Twitter, Elon Musk repeatedly claimed that his primary objective was to protect free speech (tự do ngôn luận). “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means,” he posted back in April of last year when the purchase was first announced. “I’m just fighting for free speech in America,” he claimed in November.

It has since become clear that Musk was lying through his teeth (nói dối trắng trợn)

...Musk has brought them back and fired nearly all of Twitter’s moderation staff. What moderation still happens is largely based on his erratic whims—mainly, that there should be more Nazis and vaccine deniers on the platform, and that more users should have to look at his own atrocious (hung bạo) posts. That’s conservative free speech utopia for you: leftists are muzzled, and everyone remaining is strapped into a Ludovico Technique apparatus to look at years-old stolen Reddit memes.

Just to be clear, the First Amendment is a good thing. America doesn’t need speech codes or hair-trigger libel laws like those in the U.K., where billionaires use legal threats to stifle criticism. But one thing that would dramatically improve the quality of discourse in this country—and actually expand the freedom of speech enjoyed by the public—would be confiscatory taxation of the rich. It should not be possible for any one person to buy up a central artery of global communications.

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