Thổ dân da đỏ thì sao?

dân cư mạng ở Anh hỏi vì sao hành tây lại gọi là red onion trong khi thật ra nó màu tím,

-> do sự phát triển của ngôn ngữ, xa xưa, cứ ko phải đen, trắng thì gọi là đỏ (tóc đỏ, vang đỏ...); dần mới có từ cho các màu khác...


Red onions can spice up salads, salsas and sandwiches when used raw, or can be thrown into a simmering pan alongside baked fish or mincemeat, to name just a few options.

But social media users have recently been questioning how the much-loved vegetable got its name - especially considering it's purple in colour, not red.

According to anthropologist Brent Berlin and linguist Paul Kay, it's all down the the evolution of language.

In the late 1960s, Berlin and Kay studied how terminology develops after realising strong similarities between the terms used across 80 different languages.

They claim most of the terms went through seven separate evolutionary stages, with the first referring to colours through shades of black and white.

From here, it is thought red became a "primary descriptive colour", being used to describe anything that wasn't black or white.

..."Natural red hair, for example, is generally more orange in hue, and red wine certainly has a red hue to it but is almost always more purple than scarlet or crimson. Really, 'red' is a catch-all term for a loose group of hues, including yellow, orange, pink and purple."

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