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Starbucks ra mắt loại cà phê mới có thêm dầu oliu...

“This is a transformational moment in the history of our company creating a new category, a new platform,” Schultz told CNBC’s “Mad Money.” He said Starbucks’ new olive-oil coffee, which he conceived after an inspirational trip to Sicily, will be incremental to the business over time.

The drinks debut (ra mắt lần đầu tiên) Wednesday at the company’s 25 Italy locations. Schultz believes it will be a “market-maker” in an industry that has felt the squeeze of tightening consumer demand. The “Oleato,” which is named after the Italian word for “with oil,” will come to the U.S. this spring, starting in California.

Alongside olive oil coffee, Starbucks is also unveiling an Oleato espresso martini, which will be available in select locations in Italy, as well as Seattle and New York.

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