Rõ như ban ngày

bức ảnh những năm 1940, cho thấy người đàn ông đang rất chăm chú như nhìn vào điện thoại thông minh, chứng tỏ 'du hành thời gian' là có thật,

It shows hundreds of Brits getting away from World War II and enjoying a stretch on the beach.

But an apparent sunbather, among the scores of others, seems to be from a different era.

The image showed families relaxing on the sands in Cornwall in September 1943, yet there is an apparent imposter on the crowded beach.

A brown-suited man, who is standing, can be seen looking at an object in his hand which appears to be a modern-day smartphone - far removed from the 1940s.

Social media users became involved in a debate over what was preoccupying him.

He was nicknamed "texting time traveller" after the image appeared to show him scrolling through the mobile device.

But the claims were laughed off and dubbed 'ridiculous' by others, who insisted he was just rolling a cigarette (cuốn điếu thuốc lá).

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