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trong khi nam giới có ngân hàng tinh trùng, thì phụ nữ không có ngân hàng trứng (đông lạnh), china sắp thay đổi điều này...
Chinese health officials are starting discussions about whether to legalize (hợp pháp hóa) the freezing (đông lạnh) of eggs for single women (phụ nữ độc thân), giving hope to many who have been demanding the practice to be recognized for years.

The country’s top health authority, the National Health Commission, is asking for experts’ opinions on liberalizing (giải phóng) the egg freezing policy (chính sách) for single women, which may or may not lead to an actual policy change, financial outlet Caixin reported Monday. According to the experts invited to the discussion, the country is considering having egg banks similar to sperm banks that legally operate in China.

“I’m very excited by this news,” Xu Zaozao, who sued a Beijing hospital that declined to freeze her eggs, “Meanwhile, I’m so anxious about the whole thing. I wonder how this process will be organized and how it will affect the outcome of my case.”

In 2019, Xu became the first woman to sue a hospital after they refused to freeze her eggs because she was single. Last year, the Chaoyang Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing dismissed her case, saying that the woman’s request had “violated relevant departmental regulations.”

China’s existing relevant law that came into effect in 2001 prohibits unmarried women from all assisted reproductive technology (ART), including egg-freezing, while men are allowed to save their sperm regardless of their marital status.

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