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ông lão ở Pennsylvania nuôi cá sấu là... vật nuôi "hỗ trợ tình cảm"... :D

Henney said Wally was found in a pond in Disney World. Since it's illegal in Florida to relocate alligators to another spot in the wild, Henney agreed to take him in. Today, Wally lives on Cheetos and chicken legs in Joie's house near Hershey, Pennsylvania — without a cage.

"I've never met an alligator that will not bite you," Henney told CBS News. "You fool around [with their head], their instinct is to grab you. He does not do it. You can reach in there and rub his tongue. He refuses to close his mouth. We don't know why."

Henney doesn't recommend finding an alligator of your own, as most won't be so sweet or cuddly. But he said his bond with Wally is "very special."

"He is my emotional (cảm xúc) support alligator," he added.

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