Nói thế thì chịu rồi

khỏa thân đi lại ngoài đường, bị công an bắt thì nói là... sống ở hành tinh khác :D

It happened around 9 p.m. on March 8 when an employee who works at Taboo, located in the 200 block of Worth Avenue, told police a naked white male walked past the establishment in front of numerous people.

Upon arrival, an officer located Jason Smith, 44, in the 300-block walking with no clothes on, fully exposing his genitals (bộ phận sinh dục ngoài) to the public.

Smith was taken to the Palm Beach Police Department, where he initially refused to provide his name and date of birth. He told officers he did not have a social security number or an ID card from any state.

Smith was subsequently charged with one count of indecent exposure, resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

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