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ông lão gần 90 tuổi muốn thuê vườn nhà ai đó để... sống khỏa thân khoảng 2 tuần/năm...
Some people have their back garden to grow veg, others just want a pretty lawn surrounded by flowers where they can relax. But have you ever considered renting yours out to an 86-year-old nudist?

Octogenarian (tuổi bát tuần) Stuart Haywood loves stripping off and he and his 91-year-old wife Rhona are regulars at Lakeside Farm Naturist Holidays, near Skegness, although she doesn't go naked. Sadly, the couple's back garden in Midway, not far over the Leicestershire border near Swadlincote, is overlooked.

That means Skeggy is the only place he ever gets to strip off outdoors. But the couple are getting too old to travel there, 

The retired accountant (kế toán viên) has decided to make a public appeal for help. He would like to pay someone with a private (riêng tư) garden to let him hang out for a few hours each week so he can enjoy going au naturel al fresco.

Stuart only started stripping back in 2008 after attending a life drawing art class with a naked model (người mẫu khỏa thân), which made him fancy the idea of going nude himself. Since then, he and Rhona have spent two weeks every year at Lakeside Farm and even renewed their wedding vows there - in front of a naked vicar (cha sứ).

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