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chính quyền thành phố hàng châu công khai tên họ của những người quấy rối phụ nữ trên tàu điện ngầm...

chỉ nên công khai họ (family name), họ cũng có quyền riêng tư chứ...
The Hangzhou city government’s decision to release the names of sexual harassers to the public has received widespread support online, with many netizens calling for other cities to follow suit.

...In recent days, Chinese netizens discovered that the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau has been publicizing the names of people handed administrative punishments for indecent (khiếm nhã) assault (tấn công) and other misdemeanors (khinh tội, tội nhẹ) on an official government database (dữ liệu). Of the more than 200 cases shown on the site where people were fined or detained, many of them were carried out in the Hangzhou metro system and included taking upskirt photos (chụp ảnh dưới váy) and improper physical contact (đúng chạm không đúng mực).

On the microblogging platform Weibo, more than 700,000 users joined an online poll that opened Wednesday on whether they support the move. Over 97% voted in favor, with many comments calling for even more information about the offenders to be released to the public, including ID numbers and headshots (ảnh chụp mặt (tội phạm)).

“If you don’t publicize the perverts’ names, then innocent (vô tội) men will also be blamed,” one of the most liked comments read.

...“It is inappropriate to publish the full names of the punished people,” commented a media outlet run by Henan TV, citing regulations stating that only family names should be disclosed to the public. “(The Hangzhou authorities) are ignoring the fact that the punished person has the same rights as the victim (to privacy).”
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