"Body dysmorphic disorder" nghĩa là gì?

Không có ai xấu hết, chỉ có người không biết làm đẹp. Photo by NIKITA SHIROKOV on Unsplash

"Body dysmorphic disorder" -> nghĩa là chứng rối loạn tâm thần khiến người bệnh thấy bộ phận trên cơ thể mình khiếm khuyết, mặc dù người ngoài không thấy vậy. 

Ví dụ
Although the last few years have seen more discussion (bàn luận) about body dysmorphia, many people conflate (đúc kết thành một) the condition with body image anxieties. Even the term “body dysmorphia” is outdated, with psychiatrists preferring the term “body dysmorphic disorder” or BDD.

A discrepancy (khác nhau) between how someone perceives themselves and how others see them is a hallmark symptom of body dysmorphia. Also known as body dysmorphic disorder, it’s “characterized by excessive preoccupation with an imagined defect in physical appearance or markedly (rõ rệt) excessive concern with a slight physical anomaly,” according to the American Psychological Association.

Since there is no available up-to-date data concerning the BDD prevalence in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia, to address this, the current study explores the prevalence (phổ biến) of body dysmorphic disorder among the general population in Makkah City, Saudi Arabia.

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