"Con cái sắm vai bố mẹ": Phương pháp nuôi dạy con mới nổi ở Trung Quốc

thế hệ phụ huynh 9x ở Trung Quốc đang dần quay lưng với phương pháp nuôi dạy con truyền thống. Thay vào đó, họ lựa chọn một phương pháp mới chưa được thử nghiệm: bắt chước hành vi của con.


Late on a school night in June, Jin Xueli was again grappling with her 5-year-old son’s tantrum (cơn giận) about watching his favorite cartoon, Paw Patrol. As in the past, she tried reasoning with (thuyết phục) him, but he only screamed and cried louder, refusing to sleep even well past his bedtime.

As she reached breaking point, Jin’s husband, Siwen, who’d immersed himself in (đắm mình) parenting videos online, told her about an intriguing (hấp dẫn) concept he’d come across (vô tình thấy) called “fan xiang yu er,” or “reverse parenting (phụ huynh hóa: trẻ em trở thành người chăm sóc).” 

These videos showcased parents who had abandoned conventional (truyền thống) disciplinary (kỷ luật) methods and instead embraced (tiếp thu) a radical (cơ bản) approach that mirrored (phản chiếu) their children’s behavior to an extraordinary degree.

When their kids lay on the floor in an ice cream store, the parents did the same. If the children threw away a toy, the parents threw away others too. Some even went to extremes (cực đoan): putting their kids’ studies on hold to let them play video games for hours on end, just as their children desired.

Desperate (tuyệt vọng) for a solution, Jin decided to attempt her own experiment (thử nghiệm) in reverse parenting.

She set the TV to play the same episode of Paw Patrol on loop. “If he wanted to watch the cartoon, he would get to watch to his heart’s content (mong muốn mãnh liệt), and even beyond,” 

After watching wide-eyed for over an hour, the boy’s initial (ban đầu) excitement slowly waned (phai nhạt). As midnight approached, he grew increasingly bored. And each time he closed his eyes, his parents shook him awake.

By 2 a.m., when he could barely (hầu như không) stay awake, Jin asked him to make a promise before switching off the TV — at bedtime, he had to go to sleep. “It’s been three months,” she says, “And he still remembers that night.” 

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