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nghiên cứu cho thấy các ceo ngân hàng đẹp trai, tính trung bình, thu nhập cao hơn 1 triệu usd so với các sếp xấu trai hơn,

các quỹ quản lý tài sản có sếp đẹp trai cũng thu hút nhiều đầu tư hơn...


Beauty has its privileges (đặc quyền). Studies reliably show that the most physically attractive (hấp dẫn) among us tend to get more attention (sự chú ý) from parents, better grades in school, more money at work and more satisfaction from life. A study published in January in the Journal of Economics and Business found that good-looking banking CEOs take in over $1 million more in total compensation, on average, than their lesser-looking peers. “Good looks pay off,” the authors write.

photo courtesy: Marcus Lenk

New research from Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance similarly finds that comely managers of mutual funds (quỹ tương hỗ) lure more investments and enjoy more promotions than their homelier counterparts, even though their funds don’t perform as well. The researchers suggest this performance gap may be because handsome managers approach risk with hubristic levels of confidence.

source: WSJ,

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