Sắp làm bộ trưởng giao thông rồi

để tránh công trình xây dựng dài 20m, giới chức ở hạt Dorset, Anh tạo đường tránh dài... 66 km :))

Talk about taking the long way home.
Motorists in southwest England will need to pay special attention when driving through Dorset County next week, where officials are putting a 41-mile detour (đường vòng) around a 65-foot stretch of construction work (công trình đang thi công).

The diversion (đoạn chia) will take drivers along several roads and into another county before heading back into Dorset County. Local residents have blasted the council's decision.

"It's just crazy and there doesn't seem to be any logic to it," said Heather Chapman, who runs a camping business (kinh doanh cắm trại) near the closure (đoạn đường bị đóng).

The small section of road A352 in Godmanstone, Dorset, will be closed Monday through Friday while construction crews work on a new sewage (cống rãnh) system, The Dorset County Council approved the massive diversion, calling it necessary as it "has to be suitable for the type of traffic that would normally use the closed section."

The detour is estimated to take an hour to complete. The closed portion of the road would take just over two seconds to travel at the 30 mph speed limit.

source: foxnews, 
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