Vậy ăn cơm tù không vấn đề gì

kẻ săn trộm hổ và thích ăn dái gấu -- kẻ bị truy nã ở ấn độ đã bị bắt sau sáu năm chạy trốn...

One of India's most wanted (một trong những người) tiger poachers (săn trộm), who also had a fetish (tôn sùng) for eating the penis (dương vật) of sloth bears, has been arrested after being on the run for six years,

Wildlife (động vật hoang dã) officials in the central state of Madhya Pradesh formed a special task force in 2013 after several sloth carcasses (xác) were found with their reproductive organs (cơ quan sinh sản) missing.

The man arrested, named as Yarlen, belongs to a community that believes the penis of a sloth bear -- listed as "vulnerable" (dễ bị nguy hiểm) on the IUCN Red list (danh sách đỏ) -- can cure ills including impotency (bệnh liệt dương).

he admitted to police killing several tigers, many sloth bears, hundreds of wild boar and peacocks (con công).

An official from the forest department in Madhya Pradesh told AFP that he would sell the gall bladders (bán túi mật) of the bears, which are also believed to have special properties, on orders of businessmen across India.

source: ibtimes,

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