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cựu tù nhân ở Úc được bác sĩ lấy khỏi mũi gói ma túy sau 18 năm giấu ở đó... :D

A prisoner (tù nhân) has had a rubber balloon containing cannabis (cần sa) removed from his nose – 18 years after he put it there to smuggle (giấu) it past guards (cai ngục).
The unidentified (không rõ danh tính) 48-year-old assumed he had accidentally (vô tình) swallowed (nuốt) the package, which was given to him by his girlfriend (bạn gái) during a prison visit.

He had no idea it was stuck deep in his nose until doctors removed it, which is when he remembered trying to hide the drug in his nose.

The mass was a cannabis-based rhinolith, a mass which slowly develops when deposits build up over a foreign object over several years.

Doctors in Australia conducted a CT scan of his brain, after he complained of headaches – a common symptom of a rhinolith (sỏi mũi).

It showed a 1.9cm x 1.1cm grey lesion in his right nasal cavity and he was referred to the ear, nose and throat department at Sydney's Westmead Hospital.

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