Không phải là khí gas bị dồn nén sao?

nhà chức trách ở Rhode Island đang truy tìm kẻ đặt bom nổ hai toilet di động...

Authorities (các nhà chức trách) in Rhode Island are trying to figure out who set off explosives (làm nổ) inside a pair of portable toilets (nhà vệ sinh di động) over the weekend, leaving the thrones (ngai vàng) blown to pieces in two towns.

The Rhode Island Fire Marshal said the incidents both took place on Saturday in the towns of Westerly and Charlestown.

The first blast (vụ nổ đầu tiên) was reported at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday at a residential construction site (công trường xây dựng khu dân cư) in the coastal town of Westerly.

“I’ve seen many other things happen to port-a-potties but never an explosion,” Jason Mottle, who has been working the construction site, told WPRI-TV. “The port-a-potty (nhà vệ sinh di động) was blown up into a million pieces.”

The second incident was reported hours later in a private parking lot in Charlestown. A fisherman reported hearing an explosion at about 11 p.m. Saturday, but the damage was not reported until Sunday morning.

source: foxnews,

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