Cứ để các em gái làm

các nhà khoa học ở Ocearch đưa cá mập lên bờ để... đo chim của nó :))

The shark (cá mập), which measures 8ft 9in and has rows of terrifying jagged teeth, was pulled onto a ship by researchers from Ocearch who wanted to get a better look at the juvenile shark, carry out some tests and take some measurements (số đo).
In a clip you can see the men pulling it on the research boat, with one man piping up: "I've caught it in the mouth", before it's on the deck and tipped on to its side to give them a better look.

The team have to work quickly to get the data they need before releasing the Great White back into the ocean where he belongs.

Once on the ship, one of the scientists stops the shark from dying or drying out by splashing (té nước) him with water; while his colleague whips out a tape measure and is tasked with the slightly bizarre job of measuring the animals two penises (dương vật).

Yup, Great Whites have two penises called 'claspers'. For anyone interested, it looks as though this shark's dual d***s are around 13-inches long.

The team named the shark Brunswich, before they released him back into the sea where he will presumably go and meet up with this shark pals and tell them all about the strange day he's had.

source: ladbible,

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