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Chicago lạnh đến mức phải đốt lửa đường ray để tàu chạy được...

Chicago residents (cư dân) are a hearty bunch (một nhóm). They know how to keep things moving when the weather turns cold.

But what about when it’s this cold? Like wind-chill-of-50-below-zero cold? Getting around is lot tougher. When that happens, the folks who keep the commuter trains (xe lửa đi lại) running in the Windy City employ a hot idea: They set the train tracks on fire.

Flames (ngọn lửa) were seen sprouting from the tracks of Chicago’s Metra commuter rail system on Tuesday.

Metra isn’t literally setting the tracks ablaze (bốc cháy), The flames actually come from gas-fed heaters that run alongside the rails and keep them warm. Metra also uses a tubular heating system (hệ thống sưởi ấm hình ống) and hot air blowers to heat up cold track.

“Anytime it’s below freezing were using these,” said Gillis, who said other rail systems in North America use similar systems.

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