Mời chị ngồi. Không, xin cảm ơn.

đi vệ sinh, người phụ nữ ở ngoại ô Chapel Hill, Brisbane bị rắn cắn vào mông :D

A woman in Australia had to call in some snake catchers (chuyên gia bắt rắn) after she was bitten on the backside during a late night trip to the toilet.

At first Helen Richards didn’t realise it was a carpet python (trăn) – she thought it might have been a frog (con ếch).

She called out snake catchers to come and retrieve the snake from her home in the Chapel Hill suburb of Brisbane.

They shared the woman’s story on Facebook saying: ‘Unfortunately, the snakes preferred exit point was blocked after being spooked (hoảng sợ) by the customer sitting down and it simply lashed out in fear. It showed no defensive behaviour after this point.

‘Our snake catcher arrived promptly, with first aid in hand, so that the customer could clean herself up and get some antiseptic (khử trùng) spray (phun) on the few small puncture (chọc) marks left by the snake.

‘Fortunately for us, the customer remained calm and remembered not to flush the toilet, as flushing could cause the snake to retreat (rút lui) down into the pipes again.

source: metro,

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