Đáng lẽ cứ mạnh dạn xin phép sếp đến muộn

khiến cảnh sát giao thông đuổi theo mệt nghỉ, người phụ nữ ở Ohio nói cô ta phải chạy quá tốc độ vì "muộn giờ làm"... :D

A woman in Ohio went to great lengths on Monday to avoid getting pulled over (kéo đi) by troopers (cảnh sát).

Video shows Imani Edwards smashed into (đâm vào) multiple police cars, nearly hit several officers in the process and sped through an intersection (ngã tư) with a red light.

The reason for the chase? She says she was late for work (muộn giờ làm).

...Even as an officer stood right outside her driver's side window with his gun drawn, she hit the gas, nearly running down police and ramming two Newburgh Heights police cruisers during her dangerous escape.

Despite the dangerous situation, that officer does not fire his gun.

source: 6abc,

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