Vậy là Úc hạnh phúc hơn?

ngày càng nhiều thanh niên trẻ rời Bhutan để tới Úc...

It’s been labelled (đặt tên) the happiest nation (quốc gia hạnh phúc nhất) on Earth.
Bhutan is a tiny piece (mảnh ghép nhỏ) of paradise (thiên đường) landlocked (giữa đất liền) between two feuding (đầy hận thù) superpowers (cường quốc) – China and India.

It’s certainly beautiful. The Himalayan mountains in the north rise from the country’s lush (tươi tốt) subtropical plains in the south.

It’s also isolated (cô lập). Until recently, Bhutan had cut itself off from the world. Foreigners were not allowed in until the 1970s, to protect the country’s cultural identity (bản sắc văn hóa).

Even now, very few tourists are allowed in the country.

But another story is slowly emerging too, the story of the steady stream of young people leaving the country, particularly to Australia.

Since June last year, 1.4 per cent of Bhutan’s population has been granted a visa to go to Australia – a huge proportion that’s growing, in a country of just 760,000.

...Dr Avieson traces the connection back to 1962 when it was Australia that brought Bhutan into the Colombo Plan, a regional intergovernmental organisation.

Those ties, she said, have been strengthened over the decades, particularly through education.

It started in the 1980s when the King of Bhutan sent five high school graduates to different countries to learn skills and bring them back to Bhutan.

One of those, Kinley Dorji, who went to Australia, came home to set up the country’s first newspaper (trang báo đầu tiên).

source: news.com.au,

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