Vậy là các bộ Lego sẽ có giá cao hơn nhiều rồi

cậu bé ở Statesboro, Georgia mở hộp Lego quà tặng và phát hiện ra chỗ ma túy trị giá 40.000 usd...

Authorities (nhà chức trách) say a child opened a LEGO set to find it was filled with $40,000 worth of methamphetamine.
The Statesboro Herald reports three women from Georgia bought a box that appeared to be filled with a variety of classic LEGO bricks while at a consignment (hàng hóa ký gửi) shop in Charleston, South Carolina. They gave it to a child in Statesboro, Georgia, who opened up the gift and found three pounds of meth inside.

The women immediately contacted the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office about the drugs. Deputies said they collected the meth (ma túy đá) and contacted the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA told CNN the box may have been purchased in a storage auction before arriving at the consignment store, “without anyone questioning its contents (thành phần).”

Jim Riggs, an investigator (nhà điều tra) with the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, told the Herald that it may have been initially mailed to a wrong address or an abandoned place. Unclaimed packages are sometimes auctioned off “sort of like ‘Storage Wars,'" he said.

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