Nó là nghệ thuật đàm phán

tòa án ở Úc tuyên đánh rắm không phải là hình thức bắt nạt tại nơi làm việc... :D

An Australian appeals (kháng cáo) court on Friday ruled that repeated flatulence (tự cao) targeted at another individual wasn’t a form of bullying (bắt nạt) or assault (tấn công).
The ruling by the Victoria state Court of Appeal came after David Hingst, a 56-year-old engineer, brought a case against his former supervisor for constantly (liên tục) farting (đánh rắm) toward him, demanding $1.3 million in damages from his former employer in Melbourne, Construction Engineering.

The court upheld an earlier ruling stating that even if Hingst’s allegations (viện lẽ) were found to be truthful, breaking wind (đánh rắm) doesn’t constitute (coi là) bullying.

But Hingst remains defiant (ngang ngạnh) and says he will take his case to the country’s High Court, Australia's final court of appeal.

The court’s judges wrote in their ruling that Hingst argued that “flatulence constituted assaults” and “alleged that Mr. Short would regularly break wind on him or at him, Mr. Short thinking this to be funny.”

source: foxnews,

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