Bảo sao đánh răng thường xuyên mãi không hết

theo giáo sư ở đại học Newcastle, nhịn đánh rắm thì có khi lại thành "thở ra đằng mồm"... :D

Have you ever held in a fart (đánh rắm) to save face (giữ thể diện)? Chances are, if you’re honest, the answer to that question is a yes.
But, what you’re about to read might make you think twice next time you feel that build up of gas in your tummy (bụng).

Because holding a fart in won’t just leave you feeling uncomfortable (không thoải mái) — it could end up in you breathing the fart out your mouth instead.

That’s according to Professor Clare Collins, a nutrition and dietetics expert at the University of Newcastle.

she said holding in trapped wind could cause abdominal distension (đầy bụng), “with some gas reabsorbed (hút lại) into the circulation (lưu thông) and exhaled (thở ra) in your breath”.

“Holding on too long means the build-up of intestinal gas (khí trong ruột) will eventually escape via an uncontrollable fart,” Prof Collins added.

Meanwhile, she warned it could also lead to a condition called diverticulitis (viêm túi thừa) but pointed out the evidence wasn’t clear.

That’s where small pouches () develop in the gut lining and become inflamed (viêm đau).

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