Không phải lười mà là quá thông minh

mỗi khi có ai định cưỡi, con ngựa "lười" lại... giả vờ chết... :D

It’s a hard-knock life being a beast of burden. Fortunately, one rebellious (nổi loạn) horse has devised (nghĩ ra) a unique (độc nhất) way to keep pesky (phiền phức) riders (người cưỡi ngựa) off: by playing dead anytime he’s mounted.
Video of the unfaithful (không trung thành) steed’s antics (trò hề) has gone viral on YouTube, racking up almost 2.5 million views since September.

The clip shows a horse named Jingang bucking and flopping to the ground whenever someone tries to hop in the saddle (yên ngựa). To complete the effect, he even lolls out his tongue and twitches his eyes while prone in what the scorned riders dub a “cute but naughty” performance.

“He’s just playing dead,” sighs a bemused (làm sửng sốt) horseman (người cưỡi ngựa), whose point is proved when Jingang stands up immediately (ngay lập tức) after the rejected rider leaves. However, when the cowboy makes like he’s trying to make a second pass at the horse, Jingang topples to the dirt (đổ sầm xuống đất) once again.

Jingang’s Oscar-worthy performance has prompted an outpouring of support online, with one newfound fan musing, “That horse is a genius, wish I could just do that every time someone I don’t like comes near me.”

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