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nhà khoa học ở viện phương đông, oxford nói rằng người ngoài hành tinh đã giao phối và sinh sản với người trái đất... :D

Dr Young-hae Chi, an instructor (trợ giáo) in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, part of the prestigious (danh giá) university, thinks this new species will save Earth from annihilation (diệt vong) from climate change (biến đổi khí hậu).
Dr Chi first said the hybrids (loài lai tạp) may already exist in a lecture in 2012 but has now written a book on the subject.

He believes there is a strong correlation (tưởng quan) between climate change and alien abductions (bắt cóc), 

His book, written in Korean, is called Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity.

He says he has identified four types of aliens – small, tall and bold, scaly (có vảy) with snake eyes (mắt rắn), and insect-like.

Dr Chi believes the insect aliens may be in charge and give orders to the other types.

The aliens exist in their own bio-system that humans cannot experience because our perception is limited by our organs, the professor has claimed.

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