Có khi đang ngồi ở Tam Thôn rồi

các nhà khoa học tìm ra cách khôi phục chức năng tế bào não của bọn lợn đã chết...

Scientists have managed to restore (phục hồi) cell function in the brains (chức năng tế bào não) of pigs hours after they died, in a breakthrough Wednesday that experts said threw into question the very notion of what makes animals -- or even humans -- alive.
Authors of the US-based study said their research could one day be used to help treat victims of heart attacks (đau tim) and strokes (đột quỵ) and unravel the mysteries (làm sáng tỏ các bí ẩn) of brain trauma (tổn thương).

In human and large mammal brains, cells crucial for neural function begin to degrade as soon as blood supply (nguồn cung cấp máu) is cut -- a process long considered to be irreversible (không thể đảo ngược).

But the findings of the trial, published in the journal Nature, show that the brains of pigs can have their blood flow and cell function restored even hours after death.

The team from the NIH BRAIN initiative, a federally funded US research programme, used the brains of 32 pigs that had been slaughtered (sát hại) for food and discarded (vứt bỏ), without blood or glucose flow, for four hours each.

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