Cừu con của Mary

tinh dịch lâu năm nhất thế giới, hơn 50 năm, đã gây chửa thành công cho một con cừu cái... :D

Decades after his 1960s heyday, Sir Freddie the ram has sired offspring (bầy con) from beyond the grave (ngôi mộ) in what researchers believe is a project that shows the world’s oldest viable stored semen (tinh dịch).

A team at the University of Sydney has defrosted (rã đông) Sir Freddie’s 50-year-old semen and that of three other rams and successfully impregnanted (thụ tinh) it in 34 merino ewes.

“This demonstrates (chứng minh) the clear viability (khả năng) of the long-term frozen storage of semen,” associate professor Simon de Graaf said.

“The lambs appear to display the body wrinkle that was common in merinos in the middle of last century, a feature originally selected to maximise skin surface area and wool yields.”

source: theguardian,

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