Sau vụ này được đổi tên là Hump-free

trong nỗ lực tự cứu mình, người phụ nữ ở Grosse Tete cắn giái lạc đà đế nó nhảy khỏi người... :D

A woman had a freak (kì quái) and dangerous encounter with a camel (lạc đà) in a field near a busy truck stop.
The camel, named Casper, is penned in a field at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete. a woman was chasing after her loose dog (chó thả rông) when she was attacked by the camel which was spooked (hoảng sợ) by the human and dog in its enclosure.

a husband and wife later identified Edmond Clayton Lancaster and his wife Gloria Fraley Lancaster were tossing treats (đồ thiết đãi) for their dog along the fence of the field, prompting the dog to run behind the fence.

The camel became startled (giật mình) and got violent toward the couple, who fought back.

"You can see they were pushing and pushing on the camel, swatting (đập mạnh) him with the hat and stuff like that," 

The woman was eventually pinned by the camel, which sat on top of her, nearly crushing (nghiền nát) her.

in an attempt to save herself, the woman bit the testicles (tinh hoàn) of the camel so it would jump off of her. The woman then escaped, 

source: wbrz, 
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