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phát hiện con trăn dài gần 4m trên giường, người phụ nữ ở Queensland điềm nhiên nhấc nó lên, quẳng nó ra ngoài và ngủ tiếp... :D

Nothing can interrupt (gián đoạn) a good night’s sleep (giấc ngủ ngon lành) for this Australian woman – not even a massive python (con trăn khổng lồ) that snuck into her bed.

Katjana Shoyer, 25, of Queensland, said she felt something cold press up against her back and woke up to discover a 13-foot-long python in her bed.

“I went to see what it was and saw this snake (con rắn) stretched out next to me,” Shoyer told Caters News Agency. “I instantly got goosebumps (nổi da gà) and shivers up my spine. I couldn’t believe it. I jumped to the other side of the room in complete shock.”

She explained that she was only asleep for about two hours when she rolled over onto the reptile.

Pythons are common in Shoyer's town, she said, though she’s never heard anyone else wake up with one in their bed.

Instead of calling a snake catcher (đội kiểm soát rắn), Shover decided to deal with it herself, calling for her mom, reaching for a fishing spear, and somehow wrangling the 45-pound beast into a garbage can and going back to bed.

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