Vậy đừng chê anh tôi

chiếc xe điện Tesla dừng đột ngột ở giữa đường hơn 9 tiếng đồng hồ, và không thể nào nhúc nhích...
A Tesla obstructed traffic (cản trở giao thông) for more than nine hours after it abruptly (đột ngột) stopped working,

The Model 3 seemed to run out of power Tuesday while trying to turn off on a road near Salisbury in England.

It couldn't be moved for hours despite a group of road workers and police trying to get it off the busy junction (ngã ba).

A landlord (chủ cho thuê) of a local pub, Matt Grigg, told the newspaper that the police were at the scene for several hours and that the Tesla couldn't be started despite it showing it still had charge remaining (vẫn còn điện).

Grigg added that the vehicle caused an obstruction and delays throughout the day before it could be moved to his pub to get charged.

source: businessinsider

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