Xe điện Trung Quốc đổ bộ triển lãm Đức

At I.A.A. Mobility, a massive (lớn) auto show in Munich, newcomers from China are stealing the show (chiếm lĩnh buổi triển lãm). Chinese electric automakers have their eyes on Europe, where gas-fueled cars are to be banned in 12 years. At least seven brands are on display, including a new sedan and a sport utility vehicle from BYD, an all-electric Chinese carmaker that overtook Volkswagen as China’s best-selling brand (thương hiệu bán chạy nhất) this year.

The show highlights the rapid transformation (chuyển đổi nhanh chóng) of the Chinese car industry (ngành công nghiệp ô tô) into a battery-powered juggernaut (xe tải hạng nặng). It also reveals how German automakers, once on the cutting edge of automotive technology and design, are falling behind in the global race (cuộc đua toàn cầu) to produce more electric vehicles.

source: nytimes,

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