Các gã khổng lồ công nghệ ở Thung lũng Silicon họp với lãnh đạo Thượng viện về trí tuệ nhân tạo

cuộc họp do Chuck Schumer - lãnh đạo Thượng viện, đảng viên Dân chủ, chủ trì họp bàn về công nghệ này...
Elon Musk warned (cảnh báo) of civilizational risks (rủi ro của nền văn minh) posed by artificial intelligence. Sundar Pichai of Google highlighted the technology’s potential (tiềm năng) to solve health and energy problems (giải quyết các vấn đề về sức khỏe và năng lượng). And Mark Zuckerberg of Meta stressed the importance of open and transparent (minh bạch) A.I. systems. The meeting — also attended by Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft; Sam Altman of OpenAI; Satya Nadella of Microsoft; and Jensen Huang of Nvidia — was a rare congregation (tập hợp) of more than a dozen top tech executives in the same room.

The tech titans held forth on Wednesday in a three-hour meeting with lawmakers (nhà lập pháp) in Washington about A.I. and future regulations (các quy định trong tương lai). The gathering, known as the A.I. Insight Forum, was part of a crash course (khóa học cấp tốc) for Congress on the technology and organized by the Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York.

Ever since ChatGPT, the A.I.-powered chatbot, exploded in popularity last year, lawmakers and regulators have grappled with (vật lộn với) how the technology might alter jobs, spread disinformation (truyền bá thông tin sai lệch) and potentially develop its own kind of intelligence.

Mr. Schumer said future meetings were likely to be public and noted that he had asked several critics of the tech companies from labor unions and civil society groups to attend. The first meeting was closed to encourage debate (khuyến khích tranh luận) that was “unvarnished,” (thẳng thắn, không tô vẽ) and so no one would “play to the press,” he said.

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