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ban tổ chức giải marathon mexico loại 11.000 người chạy vì họ "gian lận" chạy o to, xe máy :D
Organisers (ban tổ chức) of the Mexico Marathon have reportedly disqualified (loại bỏ) 11,000 runners after electronic trackers (thiết bị theo dõi điện tử) revealed the participants had not completed the full course.

Over 30,000 runners participated at the 40th anniversary edition of the race in Mexico City on August 27.

Mexico Marathon organisers were forced to investigate (điều tra) anonymous complaints (khiếu nại ẩn danh) from participants post-race.

Complaints alleged thousands of runners had not completed the full distance,

Runners were accused of using vehicles and public transport (phương tiện giao thông công cộng) during the race to shorten the 26.22-mile course.

An investigation using data from the runners' electronic trackers reportedly revealed that thousands had not passed through checkpoints (trạm kiểm soát) on the route.

source: dailymail,

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