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chuỗi siêu thị phải thu hồi snack Paw Patrol vì trang web trên bao bì dẫn tới web sex...
A supermarket chain (chuỗi siêu thị) issued a recall (thu hồi) for Paw Patrol snacks sold at British stores after it was discovered that a website on the packaging (bao bì) leads to content "not suitable for child consumption."
Store chain Lidl said the five-packs of Paw Patrol All Butter Mini Biscotti Biscuits, Paw Patrol Chocolate Chip Mini Biscotti Biscuits, Paw Patrol Yummy Bake Bars Raspberry Flavor and Paw Patrol Yummy Bake Bars Apple Flavor bore the address of a website that no longer shows the intended content.

"We have been made aware that the URL of the supplier which is featured on the back of the packaging has been compromised (xâm nhập) and is being directed to a site that is not suitable for child consumption," the recall notice states. "We recommend that customers refrain from (không nên, kiềm chế) viewing the URL and return this product to the nearest store where a full refund will be given."

The website, when viewed from a desktop browser, shows a message in Chinese stating that the site is "temporarily unavailable."

When viewed from a mobile browser, the URL leads to a holding page with numerous advertisements with sexually explicit imagery (hình ảnh khiêu dâm).

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