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tỷ lệ nghèo đói ở Mỹ năm 2022 tăng vọt, lên 12,4%

tỷ lệ trẻ em nghèo đói tăng gấp đôi...
Poverty (tình trạng nghèo đói) increased sharply (tăng mạnh) last year in the United States, particularly among children, as living costs rose (chi phí sinh hoạt tăng) and federal programs that provided aid (viện trợ) to families during the pandemic (đại dịch) were allowed to expire (hết hiệu lực).

The poverty rate rose to 12.4 percent in 2022 from 7.8 percent in 2021, the largest one-year jump on record, the Census Bureau said Tuesday. Poverty among children more than doubled, to 12.4 percent, from a record low of 5.2 percent the year before. Those figures (số liệu) are according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in (tính đến) the impact of government assistance (hỗ trợ của chính phủ) and geographical differences (khác biệt vùng miền) in the cost of living.

The increases followed two years of historically large declines in poverty, driven primarily by safety net programs that were created or expanded during the pandemic. Those included a series of direct payments (thanh toán trực tiếp) to households in 2020 and 2021, enhanced unemployment and nutrition benefits, increased rental assistance (hỗ trợ tiền thuê nhà) and an expanded child tax credit (tín dụng thuế dành cho trẻ em), which briefly provided a guaranteed income to families with children.

source: nytimes,

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