Rupert Murdoch rời HĐQT Fox và News Corp

tưởng gì,

dọn chỗ để con trai Lachlan là thuyền trưởng duy nhất của đế chế truyền thông toàn cầu này...
Rupert Murdoch is retiring from the Fox and News Corporation boards (hội đồng quản trị), the companies announced Thursday morning, making his son Lachlan the sole executive in charge of the powerful global media empire (đế chế truyền thông toàn cầu) he built from a small local newspaper (tờ báo địa phương nhỏ) concern in Australia 70 years ago.

The elder Mr. Murdoch will become chairman emeritus of the two businesses, the companies said.

Mr. Murdoch, 92, had shown no intention (ý định) of stepping down (từ chức) or even slowing down — including after he named Lachlan as the operating heir to his business empire in 2019, when he sold his vast entertainment holdings to the Walt Disney Company.

Though the move places the Murdoch family companies more firmly under Lachlan’s control, a bruising succession battle (cuộc chiến giành quyền kế vị gay gắt) may still loom (xuất hiện). Upon Rupert Murdoch’s death, his four adult children would have to work out his ultimate (cuối cùng, sau cùng) successor among themselves, based on a plan he put into place nearly two decades ago.

...The announcement was nonetheless potentially epochal (mang tính lịch sử), signaling at least the formal end to an active career during which Mr. Murdoch built the most important and politically influential media empire on the planet. His companies, infused with a brand of right-wing populism (chủ nghĩa dân túy cánh hữu), have amassed the power (tích lũy quyền lực) to shape, and at times make or break, presidents and prime ministers.

He built that empire across three continents, helping to shift norms and tastes in journalism, politics and popular culture throughout the English-speaking world. Exhibiting what critics and admirers equally described as a pirate’s sensibility, he acted with a willingness to move fast and break things — before that became trendy.

...People close to James Murdoch, now a major tech and media investor, have over the years raised the possibility that he would seek to rally (tập hợp) his two sisters to vote with him to wrest control of the company away from Lachlan.

source: nytimes,

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