Nên giấu trong container gà thì hơn

sau vụ gần nhất năm 2018, tóm được 8,4 tấn ma túy giấu trong container chuối, lần này, năm 2023, hải quan tây ban nha tóm được 9,5 tấn ma túy lại tiếp tục được giấu trong container chuối,

rõ là chuối :)
Spanish customs agents (nhân viên hải quan) and National Police said Friday they confiscated (tịch thu) the country’s biggest cocaine haul (mẻ lưới) to date of 9.5 tons hidden in a banana freight container originating from Ecuador.

The drug was found Wednesday in the southwestern port of Algeciras in a refrigerated container among a cargo shipment supposed to have held 1,080 boxes of bananas, said José Carlos Arobes, a senior official for the Spanish tax agency that covers customs inspections (kiểm tra hải quan).

Prior to this seizure (sự tịch thu), Spain's biggest cocaine bust was of 8.4 tons in 2018, also found in a supposed banana container in Algeciras.

The tax agency said the investigations began in July when police received information about a pending shipment of Colombian cocaine via Ecuador in August. The organization behind the shipment operated through a banana exporting company in Machala, Ecuador, the agency said.

The cargo was due to be delivered in Portugal for later distribution throughout Europe.

source: yahoo,

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