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Ukraine tuyên bố đã chiếm lại ngôi làng chiến lược gần Bakhmut

Ukraine’s military said yesterday that it had retaken (chiếm lại) the small village of Klishchiivka, the second settlement (khu định cư) to come back under Kyiv’s control in three days and the most significant recent advance in its hard-fought counteroffensive to drive Russian forces from the country’s east.

Klishchiivka had been occupied by Russian forces since January, when Wagner mercenaries captured it after weeks of combat as part of the nearly yearlong battle (trận chiến kéo dài gần một năm) for the nearby city of Bakhmut. The retaking of Klishchiivka may help Ukraine apply pressure to the Russian forces holding Bakhmut.

The claim of advance came as two cargo vessels (tàu chở hàng) reached Chornomorsk yesterday, the first such vessels to arrive at a Ukrainian port since Russia terminated the Black Sea grain deal in mid-July, offering an early sign that Ukraine could open an alternative route for its grain (ngũ cốc) exports.

source: nytimes,

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