Trung Quốc nới lỏng chính sách mua nhà - Liệu người mua có hứng thú?

các chính sách này được đưa ra đúng vào thời điểm “tháng 9 vàng, tháng 10 bạc”- theo lẽ thường là mùa cao điểm về doanh số bán bất động sản.


China’s latest efforts to support its faltering property market (thị trường bất động sản chao đảo) have sparked an increase in inquiries (yêu cầu) from homebuyers (người mua nhà) and sellers, real estate (bất động sản) agents say, but industry insiders (người trong ngành) are waiting to see whether they will be sufficient (đủ) to sustain a long-term recovery (hồi phục). 

Since late August, at least a dozen major cities have expanded the definition of “first homebuyers” to allow more people to enjoy preferential loans (khoản vay ưu tiên) and lower down payment requirements (yêu cầu thanh toán), including China’s four metropolises (siêu đô thị) of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, as well as a group of second-tier cities (thành phố hạng 2) such as Wuhan and Chengdu.

Previously, these cities defined “first homebuyers” as anyone without a property or mortgage (thế chấp). Under the new policy of “recognizing homes, not recognizing loans,” homebuyers will be considered “first homebuyers” even if they have previously applied for a mortgage. 

[...] With the government encouraging people to have children, many of those making inquiries are married couples with kids who want to sell their current mortgaged property in exchange for a new home, according to Yu.

The policy would not only benefit people wanting to upgrade (nâng cấp) their homes, but also renters (người thuê nhà) from out of town who have been discouraged from (làm nản chí) buying a property in the city they live in because of an existing mortgage in another city, Shi explained. 

The government has also announced personal income tax refunds (hoàn thuế thu nhập cá nhân) on the purchase of new homes within one year of selling their old homes, as well as the lowering of the minimum down payment for first-time buyers to 20% and for second-time buyers (người mua nhà lần thứ 2) to 30%.

[...] In recent months, local authorities and banks have resorted to (sử dụng) various tactics (sách lược) to sell off properties, including loosening (nới lỏng) hukou (hộ khẩu) restrictions and offering group-buying discounts (chiết khấu khi mua nhà theo nhóm). Some developers are even resorting to offering zero down payments or offering outlandish (kỳ quặc) gifts such as solid gold

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